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Cool Brass /  Hot Brass Special Offer The London Sound Series

Cool Brass / Hot Brass Special Offer

Code: CACD0122/CACD0123

£15.30 / €17.44

“Outstanding from the first note to the last” British Bandsman

“In short, this is music of surpassing excellence. You can’t say better.” Music and Vision Daily

To read the full reviews click here.

Buy both Cool Brass and Hot Brass at our special 25th Anniversary price.

To hear samples and read more about Cool Brass click here.

To hear samples and read more about Hot Brass click here.

These albums are also available as lossless digital downloads: for Cool Brass click here, for Hot Brass click here.


Give It One
16 Horns

£10.15 / €11.57

The London Trombone Sound
16 / 76 Trombones

£7.10 / €8.09

The London Trumpet Sound
28 Trumpets

£10.15 / €11.57


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