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Raising the BAR

Bespoke Artist Recording

Cala Records is a boutique record company dedicated to "Discovery & Rediscovery" and known for its commitment to the highest possible standards of recording and presentation. Its releases are distributed worldwide through retail and internet outlets.

The label's catalogue consists mainly of classical music—from baroque to contemporary—complemented by jazz, world and light music. Ensembles range from full orchestra to solo albums. Please note that we do not release pop or rock recordings.

Recording artists of exceptional achievement who have innovative projects which might add value to the Cala Records catalogue are invited to submit production-ready masters, or recording projects, for consideration by our Bespoke Artist Recording programme (BAR). Our aim is to release projects which meet the label's exacting standards of repertoire, performance and recording quality.

Cala Records cannot fund recordings or their presentation costs. What it does do is include BAR recordings in its well-respected catalogue and distribute them world-wide. Crucially, no distinction is made in the presentation of Cala recordings between BAR Artists and other Cala Artists.

In the case of production-ready masters accepted by the label, the Artist covers the costs of the artwork and release according to the BAR protocol. With recording projects, the Artist also covers the cost of the recording. Cala can either participate in the recording process, or offer advice and contacts upon request. The ownership of a BAR recording is retained by the Artist.

As an artist-led label, Cala understands the challenges facing performers and composers in the present musical environment, and is committed to providing a fair and advantageous opportunity to its BAR artists, working in partnership. As part of the BAR programme, half of each CD production run is given to the Artist, either for on-sale in order to recoup the BAR investment, or for promotional use. CDs and Digital Downloads sold by Cala accrue a royalty for the Artist in the normal way.

Joining the BAR programme begins with the Artist emailing Paul Sarcich, the Technical Manager, including with a brief overview of the recording—repertoire, inspiration and background—and the usual biographical information. If a master recording is available it can be sent to our offices. With projects of interest, we commence an in-depth discusssion with the Artist over his/her objectives for the project, and the details of the BAR programme. With common ground and a completed Agreement, we then release the recording.