String Exercises

Geoffrey Simon's evolution as a conductor has been strongly shaped by his experiences as a cellist.

The London Sound Series started with a recording of forty cellos, the London Cello Sound taking the magnificent sonic potential of the instrument to a new dimension. Latin Cello and A Cello Christmas quickly followed, with Baby Cello as a natural outcome. The London Cello Orchestra took this unique sound on tour to Switzerland and Korea in 2013 to great acclaim, and is scheduled to return in 2015.

The London Violin Sound, The London Viola Sound and The London Double Bass Sound were inevitable successes.

Geoffrey was fortunate to study with legendary cellist Janos Starker, and found two simple exercises to be of particular value in both sound production and music making.

We present them as PDF downloads with our compliments.

Click here for the violin version
Click here for the viola version
Click here for the cello version